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Welcome to Cape Pulmonology

At Cape Pulmonology, our goal is to optimize your lung health to improve your everyday quality of life, We have the services of a number of pulmonologists and specialised thoracic surgeons and we hope to provide a personalized review of your pulmonary health. We all take breathing for granted… until you can no longer breath.

Cape Pulmonology specializes in a wide range of lung conditions ranging from emphysema, COPD and asthma to unusual interstitial and infectious lung diseases. Cape Pulmonology is situated at the UCT Lung Institute and UCT Private academic Hospital. We have the services of a number of pulmonologists with the back up of a number of allied staff including critical care, renal, cardiology, neurology and gastro-enterology staff. Cape Pulmonology endorses all the allied professions such as physiotherapy, dietetics and occupational therapy to maximize your respiratory outcomes


Critical to service provision at Cape Pulmonology is attention to detail. We hope by spending that extra time and effort with you, we can improve your lung health. With our onsite radiology and technical equipment, here at Cape Pulmonology we can gain greater insight into your pulmonary status so as to maximize your chance at achieving your optimal lung function. Using state of the art equipment, we can precisely measure your lung function. The data gained from this equipment helps us here at Cape Pulmonology to screen and manage a number of pulmonary conditions.

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